In the spirit of the holiday season, this is a series of short blog posts covering random things I have learned while doing Salesforce development, one for each day of Advent.

chicken mcnugget shapes
What do you mean by "He's running out of ideas?"

The Chicken McNugget is a staple in the fast food hall of fame. With a 20 piece McNugget box costing $5.99, you can’t find a better ratio of bang to buck for a quick meal for two or a very filling meal for one.

menu saying 20 piece mcnuggets serves 2
You don't have to put "Serves 2" on the menu, I know exactly what I'm doing

If you are unfamiliar, the McNuggets come in 4 shapes. All are delicious, but certainly not equally so. And so we take the time today to put them in their rightful order:

  1. The Boot - This is by far the best shape. In fact, it’s so much better that it every other shape is just fighting for a distant second place. The tip of the boot serves as a nice scoop for sauce and is extra crunchy because of its narrow shape.
  2. The Bell - The bell also has good sauce properties. The narrow point is great for those who just want a little bit of sauce and the bottom of the bell is for our more sauce loving friends.
  3. The Bone - The bone is ok. It’s kind of like a malshapen boot, which saves it from last place.
  4. The Ball - This is the yellow starburst of the bunch. Yeah, it’s fine, but no one is going for it. And for those who are already feel uncomfortable about unnatural food shapes, being a perfect circle isn’t doing these McNuggets any favors.