Throughout my career I have joined and left several organizations, all for different reasons, and I have always felt confident in my choice to move on. For the first time, however, I am as equally excited in my next role as I am saddened to leave my previous one. Later this month, I will be joining the team at Twitch, leaving my current role at Salesforce.

I cannot express enough how lucky I was to be able to work with the people that I did at Salesforce. These were some of the most capable individuals I have ever worked with, and I found myself continually impressed by everyone. The way I was able to thrive, grow, and learn was phenomenal. Not just in the technical skills that I have gained, but also the numerous lessons I have learned in what we typically call “soft” skills. Lessons on how to lead and be a part of phenomenal teams, how to work productively and, more importantly, sustainably. What it means to work together with compassion and empathy. And what it truly means to work in a way that benefits not just the company, but myself.

There are too many people to thank in the organization. I am a different person, changed for the better, and for good, because of everyone I had the pleasure to interact with, and I hope our friendships will continue.

In particular I wanted to thank a few individuals in leadership that were instrumental in my growth. To Joysorlyn Dixon, Nina Patel, and Alex Peralta, the leaders that I was fortunate enough to work with closely on a daily basis, thank you for your mentorship, your guidance, and your friendship. I have never felt so valued and supported - even when I decided to move on to a new role you still put my wellbeing and my growth first. Whether I cried ugly tears on camera, vented my frustration at a tricky code base or situation, or just needed some advice on how to lead, your support was key to my success and ability to keep moving forward.

The attitude of servant leadership is something that is rare and a treasure - to not only help guide the success of the product, but also prioritize the growth of the individual is so admirable. I hope I can take those lessons with me and pass them on.

I am so lucky to have had this opportunity for the last few years to work with such great people. To my leadership, to my teammates on my scrum teams, and to those I was not fortunate enough to collaborate with more extensively - the words “thank you” are not enough to express my gratitude for all of your patience, encouragement, and support.

And so onwards to new adventures! I am so excited and grateful for this next opportunity and only hope to be even a fraction as impactful to those I work with in the future as everyone I worked with here at Salesforce has been for me.