In the spirit of the holiday season, this is a series of short blog posts covering random things I have learned while doing Salesforce development, one for each day of Advent.

A fruit salad

It’s Saturday! And I don’t want to think about Salesforce or work in generally during the weekend, so today we rank the fruits in a fruit salad.

  1. Pineapple - The symbol of decadence and hospitality! Let’s be real, the pineapple is why we’re even indulging in this fruit salad. This is the life of the party that makes this fruit salad a good time.

  2. Watermelon - If pineapple is the life of the party, watermelon keeps the party from going off the rails. It’s cool, refreshing, not too sweet, not too bold, but if it were gone you’d definitely miss it.

  3. Strawberry - Strawberries are your old reliable. Available year round for a reasonable price with a texture that’s weirdly between soft and crunchy. It’s alright if they are not always there, but you’re always happy when they show up.

  4. Kiwi - Whoa when did you get here? Kiwi is pineapple’s tropical friend that’s only here for the summer. And thank goodness because if you eat too many of them you get that weird tingly feeling on your tongue.

  5. Cantaloupe - Cantaloupe brings everyone together, so they are always there to help things along. They aren’t the party, but you can’t imagine a party without them.

  6. Honeydew - Honeydew is cantaloupe’s weird younger brother that they were forced to invite. Bland and kind of just there, no one would notice if they decided not to show.

Honorable mention - Blueberries - They taste great, but they just don’t play well with spoons or forks. How am I supposed to eat this? And sometimes they can’t help but feel like they’re just there to add some color to the party.

Dishonorable mention - Bananas - What the, who invited you? The oatmeal is in the other room.