I've always wanted to be an artist.

Or at least someone that makes something. There is something romantic about the idea of the artist toiling deep into the night with brush/hammer/bow in hand, perfecting their craft. That BEHOLD moment when they first gaze upon their completed work, a piece of their soul molded into some concrete form. Unfortunately I never had the patience for crafting a skill like that and any progress was motivated more by becoming an artist as opposed to improving the skill itself.

So I started to program. It's not the sexiest art, but I think it's art nonetheless. And I happen to really enjoy doing it, you might even say that it's a bit of a passion. At least, it's enough of one that I've decided to write about it here. And if I can keep writing about it maybe I'll get a little better. And if I get good enough maybe I won't be "so-called" anymore.